Adventure to the otherside: Beginning


Dear readers,

The very aspects of safety, identity, social circles and survival will change as I start THE trip. From Finland all the way to Spain and then a flight to Peru. Everything can happen, I don’t know really where I end up. And it will take ½ years.

Things are really well with my life. I have good and loving souls, family around me and interesting projects I could contribute, but some part of me sucks me to the otherside of the world. Like there’s something I need to know and learn by heart before landing down. Maybe there’s nothing at all, but I will find it out. For a long time, a travel like this has been in the horizon of my mind as an illusion. Not anymore.. Now I’m actually doing it!

I’ve left my dear commune and family, finished internship and changed haircut into a warrior-like, a spiritual warrior, not giving up, but on the contrast: letting go.

Through what experiences I find the way of and in myself? If there is any, I shall display and tell that here.

1st photo: Some EXTREMELY important equipment.
2nd photo: My warrior haircut.
3rd photo: Me and my partner ready for travel together, all the way till Spain. Cute home in the background.



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