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From Skuleskogen national park

Dear readers,

Journey lasting over five months that took me to other side of the world brought me back to Finland safely, but life is different. My wanderlust, physical but especially spiritual voyage has gone to its end.. so far. My thoughts and habits are different, my faith and trust are different, my body feels different. Now it’s time to start writing about it.

This is for you, who has a dream of a long travel, and needs encouragement to do it.
This is for you, who is not totally satisfied with a modern and western way of thinking.
This is for you, who wants to trust in the world and live aligned with what you feel is right.

What happened?


Let me open this a bit. End of December 2015, I started traveling from Finland to Spain with my partner. She ”escorted” me to the front of the gates of unknown. I wrote about these two weeks which is my last article.


Travel in Europe


THE BIG STEP was, that I took a flight from Madrid to Lima, capitol of Peru, on 12th of January. I went to see how is the world out there, and how wings carry me on (and to seek my way to full potential). I started learning new things. For example, Spanish almost from the beginning.


My route in Peru: Black line – buses I took alone (pre-farm) Dashed red line – Boat trip to Masisea (pre-farm) Green line – Tour with Pedro (post-farm) Dashed green line – Tour with Pedro by boat (post-farm)

In Peru, I visited some historical and cultural hot spots of the world, such as Machu Picchu.
I went to the jungle close to Rio Ucayali to visit indigenous Shibipo community, that taught me about natural medicine and comprehensive healing.
I went volunteering to an organic farm in The Andes, in a remote place named Corongo. It deepened understanding of natural medicine and healing, connection and relationship with nature, Mother Earth or Pacha Mama.
I started traveling with my new friend Pedro, for a month and with a low budget. We hitch-hiked and slept wherever we could. We made Macrame -handcraft, music, practiced healing and self-reflection and surrendered to the will of the universe, together. This months of traveling together taught me profoundly.
I spent some time in a big metropolis Lima, where I observed the switch towards modernization and mentality that searched example from the Western world. After visiting Lima for the 3rd time, I started next step of my travel.

United States

My intention was not only to detach from modern way of thinking, it was also to finish some ”unfinished business” from my past, that had left me hanging emotionally. I needed to get my attention fully back to the present moment, instead of attachments in the past. One of these writings you will find here. Therefore the NEXT STEP was to go to United States to visit some friends from the past and to confront preconceptions about this country and its global influence. I wanted to meet different people and travel with a low budget and therefore wanted to hitch-hike. So how did things go?


My travel in USA: Black line – car ride with a friend, Dashed black – Bus to Philadelphia

I came to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on 6th of May. I was going to hitch-hike towards Pennsylvania straight from the airport. Things didn’t go as planned and I found myself in a car traveling with the most friendly people up north. I found great contacts where to stay for a few days. I was in a flow, and I always hoped things would turn good and that happened. I got to finish that ”unfinished business”, to allow love and acceptance shed its light upon past traumatic events… and connection remained. How did this all happen, I WILL reveal to you, eventually.

From Pennsylvania I started a hitch-hiking adventure through upstate New York and towards Montreal, Canada, to visit some friends.  I got there, eventually. I found out that hitch-hiking is practically illegal in New York State and that gave me some obstacles along my way. After few days in Montreal, I took a bus to New York City. My journey in America was coming to its end and NYC gave me the necessary closure for it. Next and final step was about to come, back to home, to my land, Scandinavia.


My travel in USA, picture 2. Black line – travel by car (hitch-hiking or a lift from a friend), Dashed black and red – By bus, colors indicate separate travels





Our travel in Scandinavia, except destination differs. Black line – travel by hitch-hiking, dashed black line – by bus, dashed red – by ferry

On 26th of May, I took a flight from NYC to Stockholm, where I planned to meet my partner that time, after 4½ months. We decided to hitchhike towards north. We crossed places like Gävle and Sundsvall. The high-light though, was a nationalpark named Skuleskogen, where we stayed for few days. On 6th of June, we took a ferry from Umeå to Vaasa and I went straight to my fathers home in the country side, to orientate, to see river flow, to feel tranquility and nature surrounding me.


What happens now?

Now it is time to fill one of the most important plans since my return: TO WRITE AND REVEAL MY EXPERIENCES TO YOU. I have learned such a big bunch of teachings I want to express. I wish I can contribute to fill the gaps in my life in a western society that I thought were missing there, maybe you feel it too. I hope my texts will give you guidance to get into your full potential. This journey gave me insight and guidance towards mine. The basic principles of life are really similar independent who we are and these principles I have explored by being my own test laboratory, without fear. I will be glad if this helps you on your way.

First, I write about my travels in more detail, what I experienced and where I was. I will also write an article about my musical journey to my friends music blog.
Second, when that part is covered, I start writing about sensations and introspection in more detail triggered by experiences, meaning more metaphysical stuff.
Third, I write about my volunteering experience at the organic farm, also covering some bits from a 3 hour interview with the farmer himself practicing concept of natural farming.

You will find all the articles under the category SEIKKAILUT JA KOKEMUSTEN VIRTA // ADVENTURES AND THE FLOW OF EXPERIENCE


From the farm in The Andes


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